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This title of this article was changed to Lincoln Financial Annuities from “Jefferson Pilot Impaired Annuities”. Lincoln Financial acquired Jefferson Pilot in 2006.

Considering an Impaired Annuity?

People suffering from a number of health problems usually have limited choices on where to place whatever savings they have on insurance-based financial products.

Most of the times, it might not qualify them to take part on an attractive financial instrument that will be able to help save up money for their eventual retirement. That is why an impaired annuity was designed to cater to people who may have a life expectancy that may be statistically lower than those of the general population.

People usually considered for an impaired annuity are those who may be suffering from some form of health problem. Diabetics for example may be able to avail of an impaired annuity where they may be able to invest their money for their eventual retirement. Definitions for people who qualify for impairment annuity may vary. Some may include lifestyle factors such as smoking, drinking and obesity. But once a person is qualified for an impaired annuity, it can provide an income that is generally 15 percent more than a conventional.

This is due to the fact that people with impairments will have more expenses to pay for their health problems and therefore may need a higher income stream. But this will also mean that the policyholders may be required to pay a higher premium to enjoy such a privilege.

Jefferson Pilot may have just the type of enhanced impaired annuity designed for people suffering from health problems and an unhealthy lifestyle. Your retirement savings can be safe and secure at Jefferson Pilot with its tradition of quality service and sound financial stability. You also have the option to check out a wide range of other insurance-related products that would fit right in to your needs.

There are a number of annuity options available for the investor at Jefferson Pilot. Choosing the most suitable annuity type for an investor would depend on certain factors. If you are trying to plan your way into a comfortable retirement, annuities can provide you with the right vehicle where you can save your money that can eventually provide you with an income stream for your future retirement.

An annuity is simply a contract that you make with an insurance company to invest your money with them in exchange for receiving a series of payments later. It can be arranged that you can either receive the said payouts for your entire life or for a set period of time.

At Jefferson Pilot, you will be able to choose from a wide range of annuity options. You can either set your sights on availing a variable annuity which will allow you to direct your premium payments in your chosen investment option.

The rate of return would depend on the performance of the investment options that you have selected. If you want to put your money in a more secure vehicle, then you might opt for a fixed annuity that provides protection to your principal investment as well as offer a stable fixed rate of return.

The benefits that you will enjoy with having an annuity is that your investments are tax-deferred. The earnings of your annuity is not subject to taxes until you make an early withdrawal or receive your payouts. This makes it possible for your investment to earn from every dollar that you put in.

And with the wonders of compounding, your money on an annuity can grow faster and in less time that it will usually take when invested in other riskier investment vehicles. If you decide to take that annuity option, make sure that you check out what Jefferson Pilot has to offer you.